Apple tree

      Performance for children between 3-6 years of age

      The protagonist of our story is an apple tree. It looks lonely but if we take a closer look we can observe its busy life during a course of a year. In the spring it blossoms, bees buzzing around, young birds hetch from the eggs. During summer it grows beautiful red apples, even a fat worm pays the tree a visit. When autumn comes the greenness of its leaves turns into many different, vibrant colours, migratory birds rest among its branches. And during winter, when the snow falls icicles play their music hanging from the tree. These are the wonders of our apple tree.

      After the performance the area opens up and the children can participate actively in the re-telling of what they have just seen.

      Dramaurgue: Szász Ilona
      Design: Fekete Dóra
      Music: Szabó Balázs
      Director: Kiszely Ágnes
      Actors: Krucsó Júlia Rita, Szörényi Júlia